Sermon Series

Sam on May 1st, 2009

I guess it’s safe to say that winter is over.  Last Saturday Rhonda and I worked in the yard . . . did a little lawn tool maintenance; mowed the lawn; and planted flowers & shrubs.  By 3:00 in the afternoon we were hot and sunburned.  Both of us wondered if we had missed spring […]

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Sam on April 22nd, 2009

This past Sunday I started the “Fearless” series.  I talked about how Gideon reluctantly faced his fear of the Midianites.  Armed with horns, clay jars, and torches, along with God’s power and protection, Gideon defeated an army of 120,000 Midianites with 300 men! Whatever you may be afraid of (failure, relationships, intimacy, serving God), you’ve […]

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