Jesus was radical. He challenged the religious leaders of his day. He talked to people no one else would. He welcomed everyone.

One of the most radical things Jesus ever did was travel to northern Israel with his disciples to one of the most pagan towns around. In this little town a temple had been built for the worship of a greek god named Pan. Not only was a false god worshiped, it included some vile sexual acts. The people who gathered there believed the cave in the mountain was an entrance to the gates of hades. This was one wacked place for Jesus to visit.

It was in this place that Jesus declared that upon the faith of people like Peter he would build his church and the gates of hell could not stop the movement of God.

Radical action!

That’s what the church needs today. Leaders who are willing to lead a group to do whatever it takes to reach their generation for God. Leaders who care more about those who are not pursuing God than those in the seats (or pews). Leaders who see the utter lostness of people and do something to reach out to them.

Jesus was radical. He cared more about people than tradition or buildings. His passion for people led him to a cross. Again, radical action. He sacrificed his life so people could pursue God for eternity.

I want to be radical. That’s one reason Rhonda and I did a church plant. It may not have worked out like we thought, but I know our faithful obedience helped several people pursue Jesus. Many former River Ridger’s have told me.

That’s comforting. But I’m not ready for the shelf! I want to be radical until the day I die. I do not want to settle for “status quo.” I do not want to babysit a bunch of baby Christ-followers who do want to grow up. I want to reach my generation for God.

Who wants to join me?