God does not always yell at us to get our attention. This past Saturday while cleaning my office and finishing up the year-end paperwork for River Ridge, I had to move the diploma frame holding my master and doctorate degrees. I spent over 7 years getting both degrees to help me become the most effective pastor I could become. As my hand touched the frame, God gently reminded me that I would be back in full-time ministry again. I really miss it. I am convinced that God designed and called me to fulfill that purpose. While I don’t know when it will happen, I believe God will open that door for me again.

You were designed and gifted to do something as well. Do you know what it is? Have you or are you preparing for it? Do you have a passion to do it? Do you feel like it will never happen? I challenge you to hang in there. Take every moment you can to get better at it. Trust God. He will use you to fulfill the purpose for which he designed you!

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  1. dorisb says:

    I am sending prayers for that also.
    Love you Mom