weddingThirty years ago today Rhonda and I said, “I do!” Wow! I still remember the day I first laid eyes on her. It was January and I had just returned from the Christmas break. As I made my way from the cold into the girls dorm, my super thick glasses fogged up big time. Somehow I found a seat and as the fog cleared from my glasses, the first person I saw was the new girl!

“WOW! Who is that?” I thought. I was too shy to introduce myself that night. But this girl had my attention. Within a couple of days I found myself sitting in a room with her and a few of my friends. This new girl, Rhonda, quickly became one of my new friends.

Over the next month I found myself deeply in love with her. After spending a lot of time in prayer, I was convinced that God had designed us to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. Even though we had only known each other for about three months, I proposed to her in April. After three long weeks, she said YES!

Our family and friends thought we were crazy to get engaged so soon. But, we were convinced that God had made us for each other.

So, on December 15, 1979 Rhonda and I stood before God, family, and friends at County Line Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia to become husband and wife. The past 30 years have been filled with happiness, joy, and love. Yes, we’ve had a few disagreements along the way (some of them were loud). There have been times the “divorce” word crossed our minds (not seriously I might add). We have had financial stress and success. God blessed us with three wonderful children, a son-in-law, a future son-in-law, and some grand-dogs (when will those grand kids come?).

Through the years our faith has been tested. Our love and commitment to marriage has been tried. Our love for each other is stronger today than ever. That girl that caught my eye over 30 years ago still catches my eye. She is my best friend! God has richly blessed me!

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  1. Deb says:

    Beautiful Story!! Congratulations! Unfortunately, we don’t have too many of those stories these days–which makes it all the more special.