I hooked up with Robbie Robinson today around 5:30 at Fairplay Middle School.  He is one cool dude.  I like this guy.  We went up in his helicopter and I dropped a few eggs from about 200 feet.  On the first run, I dropped a couple of eggs and they just bounced a little.  Then I dropped a handful.  The same thing happened.  He put the bird down for me to check the eggs.  They were fine.  We went up again and I poured 500 plastic eggs onto the ground!  Awesome.  About 20 eggs popped open.  Not bad.

A photographer from the paper showed to take pictures.  I’m not sure how many he took, but he said they’ll be in the paper next Wednesday.  A lot of students hung around to see us drop some eggs today.  I’m getting calls about this crazy thing we’re doing.  People are pumped.  I think we’re more people are going to show up than we thought.  Here’s the thing: God promised that he would do more than we ever imagined or dreamed.  He’s about to do something big.

After we picked up the eggs, we stopped by Chick-fil-a because it was South Douglas Elementary’s spirit night.  We passed out Egg Drop postcards and talked with several people.  Several told us they are coming.  Some asked if I was the guy giving away biscuits and coffee.  A few wanted to learn more about River Ridge.  Get ready people, God is moving!

By the way, Rhonda took some pictures and shot some video.  I’m going to post the pictures and video on Friday.