You will have to make a decision about something sometime today. Most of us don’t struggle with the small decisions. But, I have seen some people really struggle with what to order at Chick-fil-a . . .

“Do I get the sandwich or nuggets? Oh, maybe I should get something more healthy like a salad. No, wait, I know! I’ll get the nuggets and skip the fries. No. I don’t want to do that. How many points would that be on my diet? Maybe I’ll skip the sweet tea.”

Good grief! Just order and get on with it!

The focus of this post is not those “small” decisions. I’m talking about the bigger ones: buying a new car, selling your house, getting married, getting a new job, and going to college. I have seen people really struggle with making a decision. Through the years books and articles have been written on making the right decision. It seems that we fear making the wrong decision and paralizes us into not making a decision!

Years ago a pastor friend of mine told me somthing I have never forgetten. He said something like this,

“Sam, even if you make the ‘wrong’ decision, God is not going to abandon you. He is always with you and will bless others through you if you honor him.”

Rhonda and I were talking the other day about our church planting journey. We are convinced that God called us to plant a church, but we believe we got ahead of God by making some decisions on our own. They were not awful decisions; they were just not the best ones we could have made. There were consequences to those decisions (some were painful). But, through it all, God still touched people and some lives were changed for the good.

Do you remember the story of Abraham? God promised a really really old man and his wife that they would have a son. As they waited and waited and waited for God to fulfill His promise, they figured out a way to help God out. Both of them felt good about the solution, but their plan was not God’s plan (check out Genesis 16 to read the story of Hagar & Ishmael).

God did not abandon Abraham or Sarah. God still keep his promise to them. They had to live through the heartache of their decision. But, God still blessed them.

Here’s the point . . . don’t be afraid to make a decision. Start by searching your heart. Check your motive or reason (why do I want to do this; what’s in it for me; what does God say about this). Second, figure out the story your decision will leave behind when it’s all said and done. If you do what you’re thinking about doing, what story will you tell to your family, friends, and co-workers. Finally, determine how God will be honored by your decision. Remember, everything we do should be done to honor God.

Once you’ve answered those questions or gone through those steps, make a decision and then do it. If, for some reason, you make a “bad” decision, life will not end. God will not abandon you. So, take a step of faith and do something that will make the name of Jesus famous!