Carlton and I gave away 50 McDonald’s sausage biscuits and cups of Starbucks coffee this morning.  People are more receptive to our give-away.  That’s exciting.  Several people thanked us this morning for our gift and others expressed their surprise that a church would give away food.

I’m getting several calls a day from people who have seen our Egg Drop yard signs.  Carlton and I listened to an employee at Wal-Mart tell us about a church in Douglasville dropping eggs from a helicopter (at the time, she didn’t know who I was).  I got a haircut today, and invited a young girl to the Egg Drop.  Her mom, who works at the shop, told me that she had seen our yard signs all over town.

I’m pumped!  The buzz about River Ridge is growing.  We are the verge of seeing God do a huge thing.  Go God!