I have lost it. I have looked for it. I have searched for it everywhere. It is gone. I wish I could find it, but all hope is lost. I have lost the sermon I wrote last week. It was not on a piece of paper. It was not on Mac. I don’t know what happened. Oh well, there is nothing i can do now. I will have to wait until this weekend to record and post a sermon on this site.

Oh well. That’s life.

Have you ever lost anything? Did it bug you? Did finding it consume your thoughts?

Jesus told some parables (or short stories) about people who had lost something and put a lot into finding the thing they had lost. In each of the stories Jesus was pointing out how much God loves those who are lost. That’s why Jesus died on the cross and rose again. When someone becomes a Christ-follower, a celebration breaks out in heaven!

So, the next time you lose something and are focused on finding it, take a moment and think about how much God pursues you. And why not take a moment to share your faith story with someone. You may be just the person who will help someone enjoy eternity in heaven.