I spent the day in LaGrange, Georgia. After meeting with a client, I wanted to do some networking to find some customers. I stopped by the Chamber of Commerce and got some really good information.

I don’t know much about LaGrange. I did not know which direction to go. So, I hooked my brand new Garman GPS (thanks Becky & Eddie for my early Christmas present) and typed in the address. In seconds, my GPS told me the direction I needed go and keep giving me directions until I got there. I used it find several other places I needed to go as well. It was awesome. GPS rocks.

Sometimes we know where we are going and how to get there. At other times we know where we want to go and find that we must take a detour. And there are times when we don’t know where we need to go, much less get there.

Let’s get to the point. You may think Heaven is the ultimate destination, but I going to ask you to think a little deeper than that. A “heaven-focused” mind is really selfish on your part. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather go to Heaven than Hell. How about this? Your ultimate destination in life is to please God by honoring Him in everything you do. You may think of it as bringing a smile to God’s face.

Your “GPS” for pleasing God is the Bible. Read it. Then do what God says. You’ll bring a smile to God’s face . . . and be happy.