As I gathered our team for prayer before the service yesterday, I asked if anyone could make a large wooden cross for our service next week. Bob, who has been serving as our computer tech, volunteered. When I stopped by the bank today, Jennifer (his wife) showed the picture of the cross. Awesome! Bob volunteered and jumped right on it. Way to go!

Charles and Amber do the same thing. If asked to do something, they just do it. They climbed a ladder (in windy weather) and hung up a large banner on a vacant billboard spot donated to us. These guys wanted everyone exiting I-20 at Highway 5 to see a huge invitation to attend our Egg Drop.

I asked Robbie, a local guy with no connection to our church, if he would help us drop eggs from his helicopter. Not only did he say yes, he said that he’d do it for free. We’re going up one day this week for a test drop!

I asked Tasha to take pictures of River Ridge events and worship. She shows up with her camera, takes the pictures, and gets them to me.

I asked if anyone would like to host a small group in their home. Owen and Shannon volunteered without hesitation.

Sometimes people just volunteer to help without being asked. From the very beginning, God has moved people to step up and do the work that needs to be done. I stand in awe! We don’t have a committee to ask people or beg people to do the work. We just ask, and you respond.

I’m grateful to God for the amazing team we have. You guys bless me in so many ways.  Thank you for doing what needs to be done to reach people who want to connect with God.

Go God!

2 Comments on Ask, and it is done

  1. Tim O says:

    I feel that ALL thanks and glory should go to our father because I feel almost like a pupit doll and our father is the one in CONTROL of the pupit dolls, I have prayed father GOD you ARE the potter and I’m the clay so you mold me and shape me to best serve you.
    Then some times I feel that the father is also a blacksmith and I’m the red hot steel that he beats and bends into shape.

  2. Man, things are really coming together. It still blows me away how much people are stepping up and making it happen! Speaking of pictures though, could you possibly send me the pictures from Sunday from that CD? You don’t have to send all of them, just the ones of the band would be fine. See you tomorrow!