Rhonda and I were planning on having one of those “cheap date nights” last night. We already had the movie and was going to get something cheap to eat. Shortly before getting home yesterday though, Rhonda was having some chest pain. I gave her a couple of asperins and then decided to stop by the fire station down the road from our house.

Those guys were awesome. They were just sitting down to a steak dinner, but dropped everything to check her blood pressure and give her a cat scan. Even though her blood pressure was up and the scan did not reveal anything serious, the guys strongly suggested that Rhonda go to the hospital.

So, off we went to the Villa Rica ER. They sent her right back, hooked her up, and took some blood. The doctor came in and talked with her. A little while later he came back and told her that everything looked great but to get a stress test sometime next week.

That’s not the date night we had planned! But, I’m grateful she is okay. I kidded with her that I probably was the cause of her pain because living with me is not easy! Anyway, we got home and ate a light supper. Both of us are grateful for all the thoughts and prayers (Facebook is great; the only people I called was our kids). It is really nice to know that people care for you and are praying for you. Both of us really appreciate that.

2 Comments on Not the Date Night We Planned

  1. Tim O says:

    Eileen & I are glade to hear that Rhonda is ok !

    We have had bad scares like this before so we know first hand what you both went through, It is scary!

    You both remain in our prayers as does River Ridge Church.

    Tim & Eileen

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks. You guys are in our prayers as well.