• I will be leading our study on “Experiencing God.” The focus this week is God’s desire to pursue an intimate love relationship with you. This is exciting stuff, and it is our 2nd most important value!
  • I will give you an update on our upcoming spiritual gifts and personality profile questionnaire.
  • We will set a date to visit Oakleaf Church in Cartersville, GA.
  • I may have a found a job . . . I will know more later today or Monday!
  • We will pray, pray, and pray some more as we continue to seek God’s will.

1 Comment on Sunday @ River Ridge

  1. Andygoswick says:

    Ahhh awesome!! Selling knives AND alarms!! hehehe.. J/K.. Good luck and we’re still praying for ya guy!! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you Sunday!!