Last week I talked about our need to rebuild our foundation and then re-launch at a future date. I shared how our story was similar to Abraham’s in the the book of Genesis. Here’s the summary of those “similarities:” God called me and Rhonda to start a church in a place he would show in time; he led us to Douglasville to plant a church;  I tried to help God out in my own way (launching too soon and money stuff); I laid River Ridge (my Isaac) on the altar.

After last Sunday I wasn’t sure how many would show up today, but 18 people showed up. That is encouraging. I’m not sure who will show up next week, but River Ridge is God’s and I trust Him to fulfill His will. Here’s my thoughts about Sunday.

  • We will study Experiencing God for the next few weeks. Go get a book and get started ASAP (even if you’re not going to be a part of River Ridge). You will become more intimate with Christ through this study.
  • The past is history. No one can change it. Learn from it and move forward.
  • People in our area need Jesus. There are not enough churches now to meet the need. We must do our part to reach them.
  • We want to become a church where hundreds find real life in Christ.
  • The Bible is God’s book! We find Him and grow in our faith from it’s words. As we grow in intimacy with Jesus, we learn how to honor and serve God from it. Every person is important because they are created in God’s image. They deserve our respect without judgment. And finally, since life is complicated enough let’s keep things at River Ridge simple!
  • We have children workers this Sunday. Thank you Kim and Jeannie!
  • I am looking forward to our first field trip . . . we are going to check out Oakleaf Church in Cartersville.  The date will be set next Sunday.
  • We are praying for a launch team of 50 people and a storefront somewhere in Douglasville.
  • I must have an assistant to help with the details and follow-through of our plans so I can focus on building relationships.
  • I will be looking for 2 staff members (more on this later this week).
  • The energy was exciting this morning . . . it was a great 2nd start.
  • I still need a job or some kind of financial miracle (and no, I don’t expect to win the lottery because I don’t play).

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  1. Deb says:

    Good Summary! Thank you for your dedication to River Ridge!