stuck_ford2As a teen growing up on a farm I had the honor of driving the tractor. One of the fields I plowed was right across the road from our home. After it had rained for several days, my dad wanted me to get that field ready for planting. He told me to stay out of bottom because it was really wet. So I hopped on the tractor and got right to work (that’s the way I remember it).

I saw the wet spot. Water was standing there. How close could I get to it? I made a decision and went for it. As the tractor plowed forward, I was feeling good about life. Then, without warning, the tractor stopped going forward. I looked to my right and saw mud flying from the rear tire. I stopped. I changed gears and started again. More flying mud. I tried backing up. More mud. I tried going slower. More mud. Within a few minutes that rear tire was buried in mud all the way to the axle! That tractor was not going anywhere.

I looked over at the house and wondered if my dad had seen what had just happened. I had not been in the field more than 10 minutes and I was stuck in the mud! I was in trouble. Needless to say, my dad was not happy with me. After I got chewed out we tried to get the tractor out of the mud. It took 2 tractors to get it out!

Sometimes our faith gets stuck in the mud. God will remind us of his promises. We read them from the Bible. Then, we look at the tractor. It happened so fast. We want to believe and trust God, but it is hard when you are stuck in the mud. We want to fix it. So we try. And nothing works. It just gets worse.

So what do you do when your faith gets stuck in the mud. You want to believe God and trust him to you out. Try this. Get off the tractor and go tell your heavenly Father what happened. He will listen; and he will not chew you out. If you blew it (meaning you made a bad decision), admit it and ask for forgiveness. You may have to live with some consequences of a bad decision, but you will experience God’s grace (that will get you through it).

When your faith is stuck in the mud, you need help … God’s help. You must trust him to get the tractor out. You cannot do it by yourself. Just reach up and trust Him to pull you out. Don’t focus on the tractor or the mud. God will pull you out. Just look up.