Enjoying some Maine Lobster in York, Maine

Enjoying some Maine Lobster in York, Maine

My morning started out with a visit to the doctor. Rhonda and I both had a follow-up visit to check our blood sugar. Mine is a little worse, but I am not diabetic yet. I got the same speech that I got last time … change your diet and exercise … blah, blah, blah. I know I need to change, but … Okay, I’ll start tomorrow. I did laugh a little when he said I need to get my weight down to 175 lbs. That’s what I weighed in high school and that was a long time ago! Who knows, maybe I will get there.

Due to funding running out, I went to a job fair in Atlanta today. That was interesting. I was dressed in my finest suit (and it was hot). The line just to get into Turner Field was long. I had a great time talking to those around me. One of them told me her name was Sunshine and that if there were no jobs to be had she was joining the Navy because she was tired of her parents supporting her. One of the ladies had been looking for a job for 8 months! Another had just moved to Atlanta from Michigan because there was no work there; and another young graduate had moved here from Indiana to find a job.

Well, no one I talked to was hiring on the spot. The armed services were there, but I’m too old. I listened to the guy from the Federal Department of Prisons and walked away when I learned that no one over 37 is hired. Too old. I left a resume at Aflac, but I’m not really interested in selling insurance. But I will if I have to. Oh well. No real jobs there, but I enjoyed meeting some new people.

While at the job fair I got a call from a River Ridger who is also in my small group. His mom had just passed away from a long fight with cancer. I stopped by to visit with the family. Even though their hearts are heavy, they are doing well. I enjoyed spending time with J. R. and Jeannie. They are really great people. My prayers have been and will be with them.

My day is not over. There is still much to get done. When Rhonda and I asked God to do something through us that only he could do, we had no idea what we were praying. There have been times in this journey of church planting that I wish I had not prayed that prayer. There are times when I miss the “easier” times. But, I’d rather live life on the edge waiting for God to do something only he can do so I can tell people what he did with the hope that they will find real life in him.

So, enjoy each day God gives you. Bring a smile to those around you. Love people just as they are. And share the love of Jesus with someone.