Back_church_Sunday“National Back to Church Sunday” is September 13, 2009. Basically, it is an effort to help people try church again. I think it’s a great idea (by the way, we try to do this every Sunday). Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Most Americans have been to church, and yet only 20 percent are regular attendees. – The American Church in Crisis
  • 82 percent of those who do not attend church are at least somewhat likely to attend church if invited by a trusted friend or relative. – Dr. Thom Rainer
  • Only 2 percent of church-going people invite someone to church in a given year (to put it another way: 98 percent of church-goers never extend an invitation in a given year). – Dr. Thom Rainer
  • 50 percent of the current U.S. population would be candidates for a Back to Church Campaign.  – Gary L. McIntosh

In our part of the country, I am convinced a lot of people know about Jesus and his story. Within a five minute drive from my house there are over 12,500 people who don’t will not attend church this Sunday. Some of them are “professing Christians.” According to Jesus most people choose the “wide gate of destruction” rather than the path that leads to heaven (see Matthew 7:13-14). Those people believe they will get to heaven because they are basically good people and know about God. That is not what Jesus taught! We are doing church so they can know the way to heaven.

For those professing Christians who do not go to church, we do church so you can experience real life in Christ. Imagine what would happen if you removed your finger from your hand. It would die! The body would suffer without it, but the body would adapt. The finger is the biggest loser. That is what happens when “Christians” do not go to church regularly. You begin to die spiritually. I don’t want that for anyone who is truly born-again!

So, let’s do our part and invite someone to church this week, and next week, and next week, and ….