I rarely keep change in my pocket. Or anything else for that matter. I just don’t care for bulky pockets. Yet, I find that a little change in my pocket would help me keep a few dollars in my billfold. I either find myself asking Rhonda for some change or just breaking another bill. When I do that I either give Rhonda the change or put it in my truck.

This whole “change in my pocket” thing got me to thinking about “change in the church.” Even though most of us don’t really like change, things are constanting changing. Some are sublte; others are not. For example, social networking comes to mind. Just 15 years ago we keep up with family and friends by picking up the phone or dropping by their house to chat. Today, people are more likely to send an email or text message, chat online, or have a Facebook account than drop by a friend’s house.

While most of us may not like change, we deal with it and move on with our life. Here’s my question for you: how well do handle change in the church? For some reason we tend to “spiritualize” what happens in church as God’s will when the Bible is silent on most of what happens in our churches. I have heard people resist using projected words on a big screen for singing because the hymnal is more spiritual.

Do you resist change in the church? Do you welcome it without question? While people in most churches debate foolish and meaningless things a generation is closer to spending an eternity in hell. There are some things we need to change if we want to reach people (just look at what Jesus did, not to mention Peter or Paul). I may not like “change in my pocket” but I have got to do whatever it takes without comprising the truth to reach a generation. How about you?