Time. There are 24 hours in a day; 168 hours in a week; and 8,736 hours in a year.

Of those hours, how much do you spend doing “spiritual stuff.” Stuff like reading a Bible, praying, attending worship, going to a small group, serving others in Jesus’ name, and sharing your faith story.

Imagine how much better life would be if you spent some quality time with Jesus each week. I dare you to keep a simple “spiritual time” log for one week. How much time do you spend reading a Bible and praying? Did you attend worship (and really get into it rather than just checking it off your to d0 list)? Did you show up at your small group (or Sunday School)? How much time did you spend helping someone (not to be nice, but you wanted someone to know that you are a Christ-follower)? Did you share your faith story with someone and invite them to explore faith with you?

Sadly, most people don’t give Jesus too much time. Ever worse, most people will not spend eternity with Him in Heaven. The clock is ticking … for them and the rest of us. There is an urgency we desperatley need … we need to “get on fire for God” for our sakes and those who don’t know him.