We moved Granny, Rhonda’s mom, into an assisted living facility today.  The place is really nice.  Several residents stopped by and introduced themselves.  After we got everything in and placed, I had to take a recliner and an end table back to her house (there wasn’t enough room).Normally, I use more rope to secure stuff in my truck than I should.  Not this time.  All I used was one bungee cord to secure everything. Everything was going just fine until I got onto I-20 and hit 75 mph.  I glanced in my rear view mirror when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  The recliner was lifting upward!  In a split second I imagined it flying out of my truck and landing on Randy’s car (Rhonda’s brother).  I hit the brakes, and it safely fell forward in the bed of the truck.  Whew!  I slowed down and watched it for several miles.  It was not going anyway.Next time, I’m using a lot of rope! 

1 Comment on Granny Moved and the Flying Recliner

  1. Heather says:

    Of all people you got lazy and didn’t use any rope! I can’t believe it!