I’ve been thinking since Sunday night what awesome team we have. From the beginning, God has sent, and keeps sending, quality people our way. Everyone on our team gives and sacrifices a lot. Planting a church is not a solo act. It is not a duo act. It requires a team who loves God and people. Thank you!

More than 50% of everyone who attends River Ridge regularly is involved in ministry at some level! That’s awesome. If a team member is unable to attend, someone always steps up and does the job. In the past two weeks, at least six new people jumped in and helped out in guest services, production, set-up, and tear-down. And the incredible thing about that is this: all but two people did it without being asked. They just started helping!

I want to thank Tim, Eileen, Marla, Tasha, David, and Deborah for jumping in. I’m grateful to Owen & Shannon for hosting a small group. I’m thankful for Jennifer and Kim who are starting a drama ministry. I’m thankful to Amber and Charles for building our first stage set. I’m thankful Karen and Mark love preschool kids. I’m thankful Rhonda leads our children’s ministry. I’m thankful Jamey and Melissa make everyone feel welcome. I’m thankful Carlton leads our worship team. I’m thankful to everyone who plays in the band. And to everyone else who serves on a team, you rock!

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  1. Deborah says:

    We do have an awesome team. Also, thank you, again, for all that you do. You really have an impact on our lives. YOU rock!