Believe it or not, sometimes I get in a hurry. I don’t know about you, but I usually get into trouble or make mistakes when I rush things. I fail to see the big picture; miss little details; and decide poorly.

For example, earlier this week I viewed a video on You Tube that I thought was funny. Okay, it was funny. I laughed and enjoyed it so much that I posted on my site. But I did not really look at it and listen to it. A few days later I watched it again with some of Rhonda’s relatives. Near the end of it they pointed something out to me. I missed it … completely! I just didn’t see it. It wasn’t really that bad, but it was not a video I should have posted on my site (it just didn’t met my standards).

Anyway, I replaced it with another video.

So the next time you want to rush through a project, relationship, or life itself, slow down. Take a deep breathe. Smell the roses. Double-check your facts. Ask a friend what they think. Walk away and think about something else. Remember, haste makes waste.