This past July Rhonda’s mom found out her cancer had returned.  She did not want to have surgery or chemo this time.  Granny (that’s what everyone in the family calls her) decided this week to move into an assisted living home.  Rhonda and I joined her sisters and one of her brothers at Granny’s tonight to prepare for the big move.  Granny’s spirits are high, and her sense of humor is sharp.  She plans on keeping and hiding a stash of Little Debbie Cakes somewhere in her room.  Go, Granny, Go!

3 Comments on Little Debbie Cakes

  1. My prayers are with Grannie.Send me her address so I can send her cards.

  2. Bonnie Hancock says:

    Mom is going to do fine with her move to assisted living. I am not so sure about her kids. Some are more worn out than others. Little Debbie Cakes not with standing.

  3. Heather says:

    I guess we know where Katie and Mom get their obsession with Debbie Cakes. “All I wanted was a Little Debbie!”