River Ridge’s team leaders met at our house tonight.  After dinner, we talked about the good things God is doing at River Ridge.  We talked about the upcoming egg drop and the impact it will have on our community.  Perhaps the best thing we did tonight was spend time in prayer.

As I think about all that we’re doing and want to do, it’s easy to get our eyes off the big picture.  I believe the big picture has little to do with the things we do for God.  The big picture is all about us knowing God, spending time with God, soaking in His love, and enjoying His company.  I think the big picture is knowing God intimately.

So, before some final decisions are made about the egg drop (or anything else we do at River Ridge) I’m going to spend time seeking God.  I need his wisdom.  He knows best, and I want to know it too.  Throughout my day on Thursday (and maybe Friday) I’m going to talk to God and listen to his voice.  And I’ll try my best to silence my own voice.  I don’t think God needs me to convince him of anything.