6ftladder-main_fullGot back from the doctor a little bit ago.  There are no fractures in my arm.  He said I was very lucky (I believe it’s a God-thing) that I didn’t dislocate my elbow. Basically, I “jammed” real bad. It should be fine in a few days. All I need to do now is start moving it and exercising it.

As for the foot, I’ve got a mid-foot sprain. No broken bones or other issues. I’m now sporting a stylish orthopedic air-boot. I’ve got to take some anti-inflammatory pills. Otherwise, my foot is fine.

Thanks for the prayers, concern, and jokes!  I’m ready to get back on the ladder.

2 Comments on Let’s get on the ladder

  1. Andygoswick says:

    Awesome. I thought sure it was broke but…. I said we’d pray for both of them to be “nothing” really and prayer works! Awesome and I guess I’ll see you in a little bit.. 🙂

  2. kimgoswick says:

    That is AWESOME that it’s nothing serious. You just take care of it so it will heal fast and do what the doctor says. 🙂