15nw.turtleOne of the sweetest kids in the world lives next door to us.  Yesterday she stopped by with her mom to ask a favor.  She had been given a turtle for a present, but could not keep it (her pediatrician told her mom that unvaccinated pets posed a health risk for kids under 5; salmonella in particular, if I recall correctly).  Anyway, they wanted to know if we could let it go in the creek behind our house.

After getting down to the creek, I took the little guy from his aquarium and put him on a huge rock next the water.  He darted for the rushing water within seconds.  Just like that, he was gone!  I walked on the rocks to see if I could find him, but I didn’t see him.  As I was making my way back to where everyone was at, I stepped on some slick moss and lost my balance.

Down I went!  I hit the water and rocks hard.  It was not very deep, but I made a BIG splash.  I was more embarrassed than hurt.  The water was cold.  I jumped up out of the water and started saying those stupid things you say when you’re embarrassed.  My entire back-side was wet and muddy.  My flops were squeaking as I made my way back to the house.  I excused myself so I could muster some of the dignity I had left.

The psalmist wrote, “For I said, ‘Do not let them gloat or exalt themselves over me when my foot slips. For I am about to fall, and my pain is ever with me’” (Psalm 38:16-17, NIV).  That’s not what I was thinking as I was falling.  The only thing on my mind was “I’m falling!”  It wasn’t until after the fall that I was embarrassed.

Here’s the thing . . . all of us “fall” at some point.  Some falls are not that bad.  Others are tragic.  Some are embarrassing.  Some are painful.  Some are funny.

Spiritual “falls” are no different.  Tragic accidents and poor choices (okay, sin) can cause us to stumble.  When that happens, you may feel alone and separated from God’s love.  Don’t!  The psalmist also wrote, “Unless the Lord had helped me, I would soon have settled in the silence of the grave.  I cried out, ‘I am slipping!’  But your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.   Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer when doubts filled my mind” (Psalm 94:17-19, NLT).  Always remember that God’s hand is waiting to help you up when you fall.

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  1. dorisb says:

    Sorry you fell.Took a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon. It was awesome.That was your Dad’s first view of GC.I was sitting up front with the pilot so I didn’t see him reach for barf bag. He didn’t have to use it though.
    God has made a beautiful world.