termite-pictureA couple of weeks ago I noticed some dirt or something on the window sill in my office.  So, I checked it out and found termites!  I was not real happy.  Thankfully we have a termite bond with a local company.  They sent a tech out who concluded that we had a mild case of termites.  Our house is new and was treated to prevent this.  But he said these guys found a void in the original treatment between a patio and the brick.  After a drilling some holes and spraying some termite killer, he assured me that would get them all.

A little void in the original treatment is all it took for termites to get in.  Temptation is like that.  If you open the temptation door, even if it’s just a crack, that’s all it takes for temptation to become sin.  Once sin enters your “house,” there will be some damage.  It may not be major, but sin always leaves its mark.  Protect your spiritual “house” from sin.  Don’t give temptation a second thought.

And if you do open the temptation door, don’t forget that God will forgive you.  You may have to live with a few scars but you won’t have to live with the guilt!