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Andy and I dropped by Starbucks to talk about the Fireproof series and movie event this weekend.  The in-store music was loud, and it was a little hard for us to stay focused!  Enjoy.

1 Comment on Weekly Podcast: Dont’ Miss Fireproof this Saturday

  1. Tim O says:

    Great job as always guys!

    I want to make a challenge to everyone at RRC to invite 2 thats two people to come watch fireproof with us this Saturday night, I invited 4 yesterday and 2 already today and its only lunch time.

    If we don’t invite folks they may never know what they missed and you never know, the person that you invite may already be on the road to becoming a statistic of divorce but after seeing this movie something moves that person to give just one last shot at saving their marriage, they take on the 40 day challenge and get their life and marriage back on track and go on to have an abundantly blessed life, Now stop and think of what an awesome feeling that would be to know you played a small part in that, and don’t you think that God would pour blessings over you as well.

    Now go invite some folks but pray first that God will go before you and set the apointment for you to put those who need to see the movie in your path.