wwjd2Gossip.  Most of us do it at some time.  A few of us do it a lot.  Some guys claim they don’t gossip.  But they do.  What is gossip?  Basically, it is conversation about someone else that has not been verified as truth.  The worse it makes someone look, the more we like to tell the story.  Even if we doubt the truth of the story, we still tell it.

Why do gossipers gossip?  I think we (notice I said “we”) do it because it makes us feel better about ourselves.  For some reason we don’t want to confront the issues in our life.  It’s easy to point out the bad stuff in other people.  We justify our gossip too.  Ever tell someone something juicy because you wanted them to “pray” for the person.  Maybe you said that you shared the story because you wanted to help the person (someone actually told me this once).  Someone might say that I shared the story because I’m just trying to find out the truth.  Whatever!

What would Jesus do?  He wouldn’t gossip.  He wouldn’t share any story about anyone that would hurt, harm, or damage their reputation.  He would get the facts and deal with any sinful behavior with the “guilty” person without broadcasting it to the world.

So the next time you feel the urge to tell a juicy story, reach for the imaginary zipper on your mouth, grap it, zip it shut, lock it, and then throw away the key.  If that’s too much to remember, just walk away.  Oh, if someone starts sharing a gossip story with you, politely excuse yourself and walk away.