fearlessThis past Sunday I started the “Fearless” series.  I talked about how Gideon reluctantly faced his fear of the Midianites.  Armed with horns, clay jars, and torches, along with God’s power and protection, Gideon defeated an army of 120,000 Midianites with 300 men!

Whatever you may be afraid of (failure, relationships, intimacy, serving God), you’ve got to face your fear if you want to enjoy real life in Christ.Your fear may be so great that you feel completely outnumbered or overwhelmed. That’s what we talked about last week.This Sunday I’m going to share the story of a guy who chased a lion into a cave and killed it!  Talk about fearless.  This guy, along with an elite group of other guys, had earned the reputation of being mighty men.  The guy we’re going to learn from Sunday was so tough that King David put him in charge of this “secret service.”  You do not want to miss this!