One of our neighbors has organized a community yard sale.  The bulk of the action will take place in our cul-de-sac in the morning.  Years ago Rhonda and I went to a lot of yard sales looking for bargains.  We often found some.  But I never really wanted to go.  I don’t know why (maybe I just don’t want to admit why).

We even had some yard sales.  Her mom seemed to love those things.  We’d pull out the junk we didn’t want . . . I mean the nice things we had for the benefit of others . . . for them to purchase at great prices.  There were those who’d show up, look around, and leave without saying a word.  There were those who who’d look around and buy something for the stated price.  And there were those who’d try to negotiate the price from a $0.25 to $0.05 for the whole lot.  What I really looked forward to was the junk dealer to show up who’d offer to buy everything for a set price so we could just rid of the stuff without having to take it to the landfill!

Well, our neighborhood is having a yard sale this weekend.  We don’t have anything that we want to sell.  I’m probably just too lazy to do look for stuff, price stuff, get it out there, and try to sell it.  I am going to take advantage of this event though.

I’m going to put up one of those portable shade canopies in my driveway and serve the community with some free stuff in River Ridge’s name.  I’m going to give away hot coffee, hot chocolate, and Kool Aid (no jokes on a church asking people to drink kool aid).  I’ll offer information about River Ridge and talk with anybody who wants to talk.  I expect to have a lot of fun.  Stop by if you want to join me.