Rhonda is on spring break this week.  So, I took some time off to do some spring yard cleaning and yard work.  It’s rained several Saturdays and we just could not get to some things.  In the past three days I’ve used muscles that have not used in awhile.  Ouch!  I’m sore and need legal drugs to ease the pain.

I’m beat.  But, there’s work to be done, so I press on.

As much as I try, it’s hard to wrap my mind around what Jesus did so people could enjoy real life.  Today is “Good Friday.”  This is the day Jesus willingly allowed himself to be nailed to a cross so anyone who believes (more than the facts, it’s about faith that changes your life direction) could live forever with God in heaven.  The night before Jesus spent a long night with the disciples in an upper room celebrating Passover, talking about the new life God was bringing (and a whole lot more), a long walk to the Gardgen of Gethsemene, an agonizing prayer in the garden, was arrested, beaten, ridiculed, forsaken by his closest friends, and paraded like a common criminal.  Talk about feeling beaten!

As tired as Jesus must have been, he finished the job he came here to do . . . he died on the cross for our sins.  Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it?