I attended the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting in Douglasville a couple of days ago. I don’t make it every month, but I do attend a lot of them. John (who is charge of this event) asked me to give the invocation and lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance. I’ve done it several times before, and am honored that he keeps asking me!  While there, I got to talk with others about River Ridge. One of those was Robbie.  He’s the guy who furnished the helicopter for our egg drop last year. He asked about River Ridge and offered to take me up in the chopper again.

Here’s the deal . . . River Ridge is making a difference. A lot more people than we are aware of know about us. Some of them are praying for us. Others are going to check us out some day. As we press on and ramp it up, God is working behind the scene in ways we can’t see. We are helping people find real life in Jesus.