Tim dropped by tonight so we could upgrade the lighting in The Garage.  We replaced the old fixtures with indoor spotlight ones.  And to top it off, we used energy efficient bulbs and installed a dimmer switch.  They are bright at full strength, and sweet at the lowest setting.  They should improve the quality of our worship videos.

I really appreciate Tim.  He is a great guy.  Tim, you rock man.

2 Comments on Got Light!

  1. Tim O says:

    Hey pastor Sam. I’m just a broken soul looking to serve any way I can. It’s like what makes me tick so I was glad that I could be of service.
    Love you and our RRC family!!!

  2. Deborah says:


    We’re all broken vessels. In fact, the Bible says if we deny that fact we are not being truthful.

    Yes, we are lucky to have such a wonderful RRC family. Thanks to you, Sam, and all for making it so!