I just left Whitestone a few minutes ago.  It is a new subdivision right across the road from where I live.  I’ve stopped by there several times to speak with the real estate people and visit the few living there.  When we moved here almost a couple of years ago the builders had just started building houses there.  It was designed for over 225 houses with walking trails, tennis courts, playhouse, club house, etc.  All of those things are done.  But since starting the original builder went out and now the second builder has gone out.  I just found out that a bank owns the property now.  The lady I was speaking to (who just bought a house in Whitestone) said that there are only 2 houses left with no plans to build any more in the near future.  Of the proposed 225 houses, I think only 6 houses are in there.

Wow, talk about tough times in the neighborhood.  Our target area has been hit hard by the housing slowdown.  We were hoping some of the new people moving in would become a part of River Ridge.  People in transition are often more likely to check out church over those who been in town for awhile.

Here’s the thing . . . within a five minute drive from the main intersection of our target area, over 12,500 people do not go to church.  When that radius is expanded, there are more that are not pursuing real life in Jesus.  Those living here now may be harder to reach, but they deserve to know what Jesus offers them.  It may be tough times in the neighborhood, but we press on to bring people real life in Christ.