• Rhonda’s cataract surgery went well today . . . she’ll have the other eye done in a couple of weeks
  • Tasha, I thought of you when I decided to do this “mid-week random thought” thing
  • Our kids did not know about Rhonda’s surgery today . . . kinda blows the whole talk to your kids about everything that I talked about on Sunday
  • I’m bringing my video camera to Banning Mills on Saturday
  • I was the youngest person in the waiting room today
  • It was hard trying to get some work done in the waiting room today . . . people keep talking
  • My kids should read my blog; they might keep up with us more
  • The weather outside is NOT frightful –  it is delightful!
  • I’m talking about disciplining your kids on Sunday . . . that ought to be fun
  • I’m really tired and want to take a nap
  • I don’t have time to be tired; the weather is nice; I want to go outside
  • Sunday is going to be a great day
  • I wonder if Andy is going to scream like a _________ (you fill in the blank) on the zip line this Saturday
  • I hope it does not rain on Saturday; I might melt I’m so sweet
  • I’ll stop on that one!

3 Comments on Mid-Week Random Thoughts

  1. Deborah says:

    Whoah! You are in a “special” mood! Thanks for sharing–it’s helpful to know that we all struggle with the same issues (Ref. your comment about “blowing the whole talk to your kids thing.

    I was just saying today that I like your philosophy of us all being on a journey together–with each at different points on the path. I don’t think anyone has all of the answers. Thank you for not being the kind of pastor who preaches “at” us. Probably wouldn’t be at RRC now if you did!

    P.S., Just like at Nickelback–What happens on the zip line stays on the line! Right, Andy?!

  2. Doris Braswell says:

    I enjoy your blogs a lot. ( This is to Heather. We need to get a petition to keep your dad from mentioning family in sermons UNLESS his memory is correct. We realize he is getting older and forgetful.) Just kidding son.We love you anyway.In case it rains Saturday,tell Rhonda to scoop up some of you before you melt. Love and keep up the good work.

  3. tasha says:

    * yay…I can comment
    * I am surprised your kids don’t read your blog.
    * I am hoping for beautiful sunny weather for saturday!!!!
    * I REALLY wish I was going! Melissa…way-to-go-girl!!!!!
    * I totally agree with Deborah’s comment about “our” journey together.
    * Andy will def. scream like a girl…but so will everyone else!
    * I hope Rhonda heals well from the surgery.