I got my retirement statement the other day.  I have not enjoyed looking at it over the past year.  It’s value has been steadily declining.  There are times I wonder if I’ll have anything left if things keep going the way they’re going.  But, there is little I can do.  Trusting God when the bottom falls out, or least seems like it is, is tough.  When there is little or nothing you can do, all you can do or should do is trust God.  No matter what happens to your money, job, 401K, mortgage, or anything else financial, just trust God to take care of you.  Jesus said that if you will seek God and his kingdom he will take of you (Matthew 6:33).

1 Comment on Trusting When the Bottom Falls Out

  1. tasha says:

    I made it back safe and sound….almost had an unexpected sleep-over in the
    airport in Mexico…ugh…that would have been not-so-good…. anyway….I
    saw your “mind-dump” from last week…I love those. It sounds just like you..
    all jumping from one thing to the next. I missed everybody and can’t wait till
    this Sunday. See ya soon,