Today was just awesome in so many ways.  Almost all of the set-up in the garage was done yesterday.  All we had to do today was set-up the sound system, computer, and camera.  Tim’s heater worked really well.  In just 30 minutes the temperature hit 70.  With all of the curtains up, the insulation in the garage door panels, the carpet on the floor, and a smaller heater, the temperature held throughout the service.  Attendance, in spite of the weather forecast, was great.  I’m not sure how many, but several people said that the garage did not look like a garage.  If I do say so, our team did a great job making our garage look like a worship area.  We easily put 31 chairs in there.  And to top it all off, the service went really well.

The kids ministries downstairs was fantastic.  Rhonda told me everything went well.  She told me an awesome story about Cannon did sign language to one of the songs they did (without being asked, he just did it).  That’s so cool.  And to top off the day, it was snowing.  God is so good.

2 Comments on Sunday Recap

  1. Deborah says:

    Yes, God is so good!! We had an awesome camping trip. I just can’t put into words how special. It was a spiritual weekend for me, beyond what I could have imagined!

    I did miss my River Ridge family and am joyful to hear that the service went so well. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Sunday and enjoying worship in our new “venue” :).


  2. robinedmonds says:

    I thought worship this morning was wonderful. The way the house is set up, the garage, the kids area, just everything. I think things worked very well. God just topped a wonderful worship with some very pretty snow.