Late yesterday the weather guys dominated the news.  While waiting on our supper to finish up, the Emergency Broadcast System keep kicking in to warn viewers of tornado warnings. As we were watching the tube, I heard a tornado siren in our neck of woods go off and off and off.  It was barely raining, no lighting, and no hail.  So, I went outside to check things out.  Nothing.  Oh well, I guess someone was getting hit.

Later last night the siren went off again.  That thing is really loud.  This time the rain was pouring, lighting was flashing, and the wind was blowing.  I don’t know if a tornado was near, but it was strange.  And here’s the interesting thing . . . it was over quickly.

Life is like that.  Things are going well.  Life is great.  And then, beyond your control, a life storm comes.  You cannot stop the storm or control the storm.  All you can do is get to a safe place and wait it out.  During the storm you may be afraid or even terrified.  Almost as quickly as the storm approached, it will be gone.

When you get a life storm, take shelter in God’s arms.  Trust Him to take care of you.  Tell God what’s on your mind.  And before you know it, the storm will be over.

1 Comment on Stormy Night in GA

  1. Tim O says:

    You are soooo right about lifes storms I’d been through many of them and handeld them ALL WRONG as of last week I had a wake up call or a slap to the back of my head and started studying
    “The Purpose Driven Life”
    by pastor
    Rick Warren
    WOW what an awesome

    I have even got my wonderful wife doing the 40 day study with me, I strongly recomend if you have not read this book and done the study you need to do YOURSELF
    a great thing and do this study I garantee you that it will be a huge turning point in your life and your christian walk.

    Be Blessed by being a Blessing to someone else!
    Tim O