This past Friday my small group gathered at our house for a Valentine dinner.  Everyone was asked to make their spouse a gift.  So, after dinner it was gift time.  It was amazing!  Everyone in our group made awesome gifts expressing love for their spouse.

Rhonda made a book that brought tears to my eyes.  I loved it!

I wanted to give Rhonda something where I spend time with her since her love language is “quality time.” Here’s what I came up with . . . I bought a deck of cards and assigned each card a value:

  • Joker: Anything You Want
  • Ace: Candlelight Dinner @ Home
  • King: “King & I” Any Movie You Want Night
  • Queen: Pamper You Night (bubble bath, candles, & romantic book/poems)
  • Jack: It’s Saturday & I’m All Yours
  • 10: Candlelight Foot Massage
  • 9: It’s a Hair-Brushing Night
  • 8: No Strings Attached Back Scratch
  • 7: Let’s Cuddle While Watching Your TV Program
  • 6: Let’s Take a Walk Together
  • 5: Picnic in the Park
  • 4: Yahtzee Game Night
  • 3: Starbucks Coffee Time
  • 2: Time for an Ice Cream Treat

I really look forward to spending time with my wife!

1 Comment on Valentine Wrap-up

  1. Deborah says:

    Hey, David:

    Let’s play cards, too. This is an awesome idea!