A few years ago Rhonda and I studied Experiencing God: How to Know God’s Will.  Both of us were challenged in many ways.  Knowing God’s will was something we were very interested in knowing.  At the time it seemed that a lot of people struggled with knowing what God wants them to do.   That’s why our church down in Florida studied the book as well.

I believe people are still interested in knowing God’s will and aren’t sure how to know it.  That’s one reason “intimacy with God” is one of River Ridge’s values.  No one is going to know what God wants them to do unless they have an intimate relationship with Him.  If you are intimate with someone, you know what they expect you to do.

But, we are not perfect.  It’s hard to have an intimate relationship with God.  We are not sure how to pray (which is talking and listening to God).  For the next three weeks I’m going to spend time talking about prayer.  This Sunday I’m going to talk about getting to know God through prayer.  I’ll follow that with a study on why didn’t God answer my prayer and wrap it up with praying like Jesus prayed.

Don’t miss this series.  Knowing God’s will is important, and I want to give something that will help you out.