rhonda samRhonda has had trouble seeing lately. So, we went to the eye doctor this afternoon. She has fuchs’ corneal dystrophy! According to a website we checked out, about 1% of the population has it. Basically, you get this disease from either or both of your parents. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. If you’ve got the bad gene, too bad. With fuchs’ the cells in the inner layer of the cornea start dying off and your cornea fills with water and begins to swell. No, her eyes will not explode. Since her eyes can’t get rid of the excess water, they can’t handle the light correctly and her vision is blurred.

Glasses won’t help. In her case, her vision has gotten a lot worse in just three months. So, we got some muro eye drops and creme to help get rid of the water. Both of them are over-the-counter drugs and are not cheap (over $20 each). It should help. If not, she will need a cornea transplant. Yuck.

3 Comments on It’s Official, Rhonda Has Fuchs’

  1. robinedmonds says:

    Rhonda you’ll be in my prayers. I hope the over the counter
    stuff works. You don’t want to undergo surgery. Love you both.

  2. Deborah says:


    I’m praying for you as well. I hope the drops and cream work, too. If not, God will give you strength for the surgery!

  3. hancock9988@comcast.net says:

    You have always been in my prayers. Actually, you both have been. Now, I pray that the drops and cream work so you can avoid any surgery. Keep everyone posted with your progress.