I remember when the first “Rocky” movie hit the big screen. Rocky was an underdog boxer who faced an uphill battle to win the match. I loved the theme song from Rocky. I remember listening (more than once) to the song when I was down and then feeling the “energy” that I could take on the world.

I’m going to be real transparent. The past few weeks have been tough. I’ve been down and discouraged. That’s a dangerous place for anyone, especially me!

Now, I don’t really know why, but Rhonda thought about Rocky after spending time with God in prayer and Bible study yesterday. She wrote some positive things on some post-it notes and put them on the mirror in our bathroom. She had the “Rocky” theme song on her mind and told me to “snap out of it.”

So, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching. As far as I’m concerned, Sunday is going to be awesome. The future is bright. And by the way, I’m married to a wonderful woman!

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  1. hancock9988@comcast.net says:

    You go Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!