Before we left for our NYC Christmas vacation, Rhonda’s PC laptop caught a virus.  I couldn’t fix it, so I took it in for repairs.  Come to find out, it had more than one virus and a some spyware on it.  So, we left it in good hands and planned to pick it up when we got back.

After we got back and picked it up, Rhonda said it worked great.  Good news.  But, all was not good.  I used that computer to update River Ridge’s website.  The tech who fixed it removed a file used by the website software.  I have tried to find and replace the missing file, but have not had any success.  That’s why the website has not been updated in a couple of weeks.  I’ll try again later today.

When computer’s go bad our life is affected.  I tried for a couple of days this week to get through to the GA Department of Revenue to resolve a question.  Come to find out they were having phone and computer problems that made it difficult for people reach them and to access some files.

Just like a computer virus or spyware runs in the background, our sinful nature does as well.  While our temptations are different (some people are tempted to lie while others are tempted to envy), the temptation is real.  Our “sin virus” and “temptation spyware” is always with us.  If you are a Christ follower, the Holy Spirit helps you in the fight to do right (couldn’t resist the rhyme).

But sooner or later, you will say yes to the temptation.  You will sin even though you know you shouldn’t.  Don’t despair.  Confess it and move on (see 1 John 1:8-10).  Just don’t get the idea that you have permission to abuse God’s desire to forgive you!  Keep your “sin virus” in check (see Romans 6:1-4).