singing my heart outToday rocked!  We stopped by Canal Street to check out the buys at China Town.  Rhonda really wanted to get a new purse.  She found one in a “secret” room.  It was cool because the prices are negotiable.
After that we stopped by a karaoke bar Katie had been to before.  It was near Harold Square.  Most of the people there were Asian.  I just learned that karaoke started there.  Anyway, we booked a room for an hour and a half.  The cost was $8 per person.  Not bad for 1 1/2 hours of crazy fun.  We laughed.  We sang (very badly I might say).  I’m glad no one could hear us.   There was a camera in the room though.  I know people in the front could see us.  I hope some of the video doesn’t show up on u tube.

We wrapped up the evening by checking out some store front windows, the Disney store, and the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

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  1. Doris Braswell says:

    Hey,Sam the sham and the pharaoh’s.No wait, you are Sam B. Have fun. Enjoy New York.
    love mom