sam grocery cartRhonda, Katie, and I went to Key Foods today. It’s a grocery store about 10 blocks from her apartment. We had to pick up some grub for later in the week. Before we had left the apartment I had joked with Rhonda that she would be the first one to slip and bust her hind-end on the ice/snow.

On the way there I was goofing around on a huge patch of ice and almost lost it. On the way back, Katie wanted to take a picture of me pushing her grocery cart in the snow (click on it for a bigger image). We went into Manhattan this afternoon to met Heather and Matt at Macy’s. Good night! The place was packed with wall to wall people. I don’t know how anyone could shop with that many people there. After walking about 400 miles to get something to eat, we headed over to Rockefeller Center to see the big tree and check out some store windows. It was cold, and I looked, well, weird in my really old trench coat and hood thing, but I was warm. We had a blast.

By the way, there will be more pictures later this week.