Have you ever wanted to leave a comment on something that I wrote?  Maybe you loved what I said, or you hated it.  Perhaps you disagreed with me.  Whatever the reason, I enjoy reading your comments.  If want to leave a comment on any post, you need my permission!  It’s really easy to get too.  All you have to do is scroll down on the main page, click the register link, and follow the directions.  You can even register by clicking a “comment” link and then clicking “register.”   After you’ve done that, you can leave all the comments you want.

After leaving your comment, I will read it when I log into the site.  Every comment requires my approval before I publish them.  I do that because I don’t want vulgar, rude, or un-Christian comments posted on the site.  If you have a beef about something, and it’s stated nicely, I’ll post it for the world to see.  If it does not meet my standard, it will not be posted.  So far, the only comments I’ve refused are from spammers (if you’re a spammer, don’t even try; I will revoke your “membership” to my site).

Happy commenting!