wedding dayTwenty nine years ago Rhonda and I were married at County Line Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA. A shy nerdy redneck from Dexter, GA had hit the jackpot! I had found the girl of my dreams and made a commitment to her and God that I would take care of her until death separated us.

We have experienced so much since December 15, 1979. Just before our honeymoon came to an end, a hard freeze hit Fort Mountain. As we “enjoyed” our ride down the mountain in a tow truck because the water in the engine froze, I discovered how important little things like anti-freeze are in a marriage. In our first year, Rhonda fought the mice living our rental house and I set fire to a tree that later fell on our pump house. Our first year was the beginning of a wonderful life filled with laughter, hope, anticipation, and joy.

Since that first year together, God has blessed us with so much. Our extended family has loved and encouraged us. We have 3 beautiful girls and a son-in-law who love Jesus. We have a church filled with people who are pursuing a love relationship with Jesus.

Rhonda and I have laughed a lot. We have cried some. We have been angry with other, and we made up each time we were. There are things about her that really get on my nerves just like there are things about me that really gets on her nerves. We enjoy living with each other. We enjoy making each other happy.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to my friends and others who tried to talk me out of marrying Rhonda. Other than deciding to become a follower of Jesus Christ, marrying her is the best thing I’ve ever done. If the next 29 years are anything like the last 29 years, I’m going to be the richest man in the world!

2 Comments on Yes, I Do!

  1. says:

    The Good Lord has blessed not only you and Rhonda, but all of your extended families and friends just because what you mean to to us.

    Happy anniversary and many more to come!

  2. Doris Braswell says:

    That is beatiful. congrats.