In a newly published book about Christmas, Rick Warren has given us some things to think about.  We can get so busy going to parties, decorating our homes, shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, mailing Christmas cards, cooking tons of food, and even doing church things that we fail to take time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things I just mentioned.  It’s just that we try to do too much in a short period of time and end up with little quality time for God, family, and friends.   In Charlie Brown’s struggle with the commercialization of Christmas (even Snoopy got pulled in with a house decorating contest), he cried out if anyone knew the real meaning of the season.

Jesus is what Christmas is all about.  On a quiet night in Bethlehem, God’s promise of a Savior was born in a livestock stable and then announced to the religious outcast of the day.  I wonder if God is pleased with the way we “do Christmas.”