Ada, one of our River Ridgers, gave me a neat little book on my birthday.  The title is “The Edison and Ford Quote Book.”  Thanks Ada!  So, I’ll comment every now and then on a quote from the book.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  Thomas Edison

A lot of people give up too easily or too quickly.  My wife, who is a school teacher, has watched kids give up after making a few bad grades.  You may have seen people give up trying to learn something new, loss weight, quit smoking, go to church regularly, or keep their desk clean.  You may be one of them.

Giving up is easy.  It does not require much effort.  Nor does it not offer much of a lasting reward.  I think people give up for different reasons.  Some of them may be good and even valid.  There are a few circumstances when you should give up.

A few years ago a buddy offered to teach me to water ski.  I was having a hard time getting the hang of it.  I thought about giving up, but pressed on.  After several more tries, I did it!  In less than a minute of skidding on top of the water, I found myself plunging for the bottom of the lake.  With an intense pain in my back and thoughts of “this is it” I let go of the rope and floated to the surface.

My friend suggested that I call it a day.  I refused.  I wanted to learn how to ski.  I jumped back in the water, put on the skis, grabbed the rope, and stayed up for a long time.  I had learned from my mistakes.

It takes a lot of hard work to keep going.  It requires determination.  When you feel like giving up, take a moment and ask yourself if you might get it if you try just one more time.