It seems that everyone is concerned about the economy.  It was the focus of the recent presidential election.  The runoff candidates for senator in GA talk about it.  The news people spend a lot of time on it.  The talk show guys talk about it.

money won’t make you happyIt seems that a lot of people are concerned about the economy.  I guess it all boils down to money.  The banks want money to bail them out of bad mortgages.  AIG wants money to help them out from bad mortgage debts they insured.  American auto makers wants money to help their business.  The stock market is going down more than up these days.  People are losing their jobs.  Credit is getting harder to get.  The smart money people are predicting a record low for Christmas sales this year.

Sounds bad.  Some are suggesting that we are headed for another depression.  Maybe we are.  I’ve got my own money problems.   I’m trying to raise additional funds for River Ridge.  I haven’t seen the first check yet.  It seems that money is tight in churches as well.

I could panic.  I could freak out.  I could stick my head in the sand and ignore the need.  I could resort to something immoral or illegal.  None of those things are God’s will.  I’ve got to trust God and continue to press on.

If I had known what the financial picture would be like today, I might have waited to plant River Ridge. One thing is certain, God knew.  There have been times in my church planting journey when I’ve looked back and thought about how good and easy things used to be.  I’ve even been tempted to go back.  There are times I miss a larger paycheck, an expense fund, and even retirement contributions.

But, I’m staying.  Money may dominate the news and the water cooler conversations, but money isn’t everything.  Jesus promised those who follow Him that He would supply everything they need if they would seek His kingdom before everything else.  I’ll keep following Jesus and let God take of River Ridge.

Don’t let money rob you of real joy!